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0 for 1 on Grants for My “Busking D.C.” Documentary

Gotta keep on applyin'

So I applied for a small grant from the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities.  It was for 2 G’s which would have been helpful, but alas, no loot .  Anyways, I’ll keep on applying to different grants and I’ll definitely be sure to read the rules and regulations more carefully next time.  Thanks to my friend Bryan Lobar for applying for the grant with me.    

Check out the trailer for my Busking D.C.-The Life and Times of D.C. Street Musicians documentary.  It plays a little too much like a traditional news piece because I submitted it for the grant and thought I had to make it general.  But I’ll be coming out with some more action-packed trailers in these next couple of months.  Enjoy this for now.   

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Olfactory Thriller Poll

Now that most of you have seen Olfactory Thriller, the short movie, I want to see what you think happened in the movie.  Take the Olfactory Poll below. 

How did it come to this? Give your two cents. Take the poll.

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Me and My Wheelchair


My colleague, Mara McElmurray, pushes me in my wheelchair at Arcola Elementary School in Maryland. We are getting footage for a Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program promotional video.


As I was being pushed in my wheelchair, we passed by a group of students and one of them said, "That's a nice ride."

Watch the short wheelchair dolly videos at the end of this post.  One of them was made with the help of a police officer.   

Why do so many young movie makers utilize a wheelchair for their dolly shots as opposed to a steadicam, jib, or real dolly tracks?  After all, the wheelchair limits you to shooting on only the smoothest of surfaces if you want a 100% smooth dolly shot (a normal sidewalk has too many cracks for smooth wheelchair rolling).  And this 100% smooth dolly shot is difficult in and of itself because the person in the wheelchair holding the camera also has to have a steady hand while being pushed.  So why the wheelchair?  Continue reading

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Review of “Olfactory Thriller” by Sean Mullen at www.thereelpeel.com


Visit http://www.thereelpeel.com for more great movie articles and reviews

Jimmy Nguyen’s “movie of the month,” The Olfactory Thriller, is a 2 part thriller, 1 part comedy about a man, a burrito and a stranger with an incredible sense of smell. The flick kicks off with opening credits that utilizes still images, live-action film, and some animation that can be reminiscent of past Michael Gondry work. The uplifting Spanish music sets the film’s light-hearted tone and warns the viewer not to take it too seriously. Continue reading


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Olfactory Thriller – 12 for ’10 January Submission


For best viewing watch full screen at 720p.

Synopsis:  Fred (Jimmy Nguyen) visits his favorite local taqueria on his lunch break.  While enjoying his meal, dark forces conspire to bring across his path a mysterious man (Eric Rasmussen) with an olfactory clairvoyance.  Something about Fred’s scent provokes this mysterious man and what ensues is Fred’s struggle to escape from the man whose powerful sense of smell and determination rivals that of the Hounds of Hell.

Making the Movie (spoiler alert, watch the movie then read):  As a person with a very sensitive stomach, I spend a lot of time on the toilet, sometimes as much as 5 times a day.  Initially, this may be viewed as a huge burden and handicap in life, but in fact it is not.  It is actually a great advantage to be afflicted with such a weak stomach.  Time on the toilet affords me a comfortable place to ponder life and imagine new worlds, some that can be possibly used in future movies.  Simply put, while my anus flexes, my mind vexes.  The greatest minds of our time share many things in common, but one thing that sometimes goes unnoticed is the fact that many of them always enjoyed long, casual walks so that they could have time to reflect and imagine (see Thoreau and Muir).  Personally, I have replaced the walking part with spending time on the toilet.  Going into my bathroom at home with the fan humming or in the public stall at work with its rustic wooden doors and partitions is like getting into a space capsule and going on an Odyssey of my mind.  It was during one of these pooping Odysseys that I dreamt up the idea for Olfactory Thriller.  Continue reading


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On Your Computer January 31, 2010


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